Climate-vulnerable nations call for help forcing high emitters to act

(The Guardian, 18 Nov 2021) Nations most at risk warn countries such as Australia they will lose out economically if they do not raise targets.

Some of the countries most vulnerable to climate breakdown have called on the UN and the UK and other countries who want to lead the climate fight to help them ensure high emitters upgrade their carbon targets, as called for at the Cop26 summit.

They added that countries such as Australia, which has refused to embracestrong carbon-cutting targets, would lose out economically.

But they said it would be “an uphill battle” to ensure adequate revisions to national carbon targets, and that all those who wanted to see climate action must use the next year to put pressure on the governments that had inadequate plans.

At Cop26 in Glasgow, countries came forward with emissions-cutting targets, known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs), that would lead to an estimated 2.4C of heating above pre-industrial levels, far in excess of the 1.5C set out in the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

All countries agreed to return next year to a conference in Egypt with reviewed targets. However, some countries are reluctant to strengthen their targets – Australia, whose target is widely deemed inadequate, has already signalled its refusal, while the US and the EU have said their targets are good enough.

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The Guardian, 18 Nov 2021: Climate-vulnerable nations call for help forcing high emitters to act