Commission mulls new communication on impact of energy crisis on the agri sector

(EurActiv, 4 Mar 2022) The European Commission is considering a new, separate communication on the impact of the energy crisis explicitly focused on the agriculture sector alongside a broader communication on the energy crisis, according to sources.

Asked by EURACTIV whether the Commission will put forward a communication specifically on the agricultural sector and energy prices, an EU spokesperson declined to respond directly, reiterating instead that the Commission will adopt a communication on energy prices next week which includes the “knock-on effects on farmers, inputs and food prices and possible ways to address these issues”.

However, an EU source confirmed suspicions that a second, separate communication, focusing specifically on agriculture, is an idea currently being floated by the EU executive.

“We are reflecting on a separate communication,” the source told EURACTIV, adding they have no further details for the moment. 

The source also pointed out that the EU executive has already committed to strengthening the EU’s framework on food security as a follow-up to its communication on a contingency plan. 

“We have now agreed on the membership of the expert group which will lead on our plans to better protect food security,” the source said, adding that the first meeting of the group will take place “urgently, most likely already next week”.

The activation of crisis monitoring tools, particularly the European food security crisis preparedness and response mechanism set up by the Commission, was agreed upon by the EU-27 agriculture ministers on Wednesday (2 March) at an extraordinary meeting.

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EurActiv, 4 Mar 2022: Commission mulls new communication on impact of energy crisis on the agri sector