Comprehensive report makes climate change research accessible ahead of COP26

(eceee news, 1 Oct 2021) A new major report produced by the University of Birmingham aims to make academic expertise more available to global policy makers and to the public climate change summit, COP26, in November.

The report, Addressing the climate challenge, features contributions from nearly 100 academics, professionals and students drawn from across five continents. The main goal of the report is to present how the University’s research can be put to practical use in tackling climate change, in particular, in supporting ambitious new decarbonisation projects and give advice on climate policy.

The most important topics covered by the report include:

  • The University’s commitment to the Race to Zero campaign.
  • The need to grow our understanding of what drives climate change, recognising the complex and often interconnected issues at work.
  • The prioritisation of climate research and related knowledge transfer activities by funders.
  • The need to build a circular economy in order to transition to a sustainable society.
  • A call for governments to incentivise sustainable behaviours and increase the adoption rate of clean technologies using tax and subsidies.

The publication also showcases several of the University’s most ambitious projects.

According to the University of Birmingham, the report collates all of the information and research relevant to COP26 and aims to be the University’s primary contribution to the conference.

In his foreword, Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, emphasised the importance of a global commitment to climate change: “If the United Kingdom’s presidency of COP26 is to be considered a success, then we should demonstrate global leadership by getting our own house in order, while helping others to do the same” He also added: “We exist to extend the boundaries of knowledge and to share what we have learned for the common good. Contributing to public debates is therefore very much part of our mission and we hope this publication will help to make expert insight more accessible.”

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