Construction sector bets on EU green buildings law as new growth engine

(EurActiv, 14 Mar 2023) Revamping Europe’s building stock is not only expected to reduce energy bills and help tackle climate change, but it is also widely supported by the construction sector, which sees a business opportunity in renovation.

When the European Commission tabled its revamped Energy Efficiency of Buildings Directive (EPBD) in December 2021, its main objective was to decrease the EU’s energy consumption and reach the bloc’s climate goals.

But the benefits of energy efficiency renovation go beyond climate. It is also a shoe-in for the construction industry, which sees an opportunity to fill its order books.

Among the biggest fans of the directive is the BDI, the German business association.

Traditionally opposed to regulation, the BDI sent a letter to German MEPs in October last year, asking them to support an ambitious EU buildings directive.

“In the ongoing discussion on the revision of the EPBD, I would like to ask for your support,” said the letter, signed by Holger Lösch, the BDI’s deputy director general and member of the executive board.

Lösch’s letter focused on the most controversial aspect of the Commission’s proposal – introducing minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) that EU governments can use to push homeowners to renovate.

“The minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) are a very powerful tool that, if used correctly, can create the needed impact,” Lösch said in the letter.

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EurActiv, 14 Mar 2023: Construction sector bets on EU green buildings law as new growth engine