Cop26: Women must be heard on climate, say rights groups

(The Guardian, 25 Sep 2021) Those worst hit by global heating are left out of talks, says feminist coalition calling for systemic change.

Women must be enabled to play a greater role at the Cop26 summit, as the needs of women and girls are being overlooked amid the global climate crisis, a coalition of feminist groups has said.

The Global Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice has laid out a call for action at the UN general assembly, including demands that world leaders meeting at Cop26, in Glasgow this November, must end fossil fuel expansion and move to 100% renewable energy.

More than 120 groups have signed the call, to be presented at a six-day online forum starting on Saturday, which also includes demands to promote women’s leadership and equity, protect the rights of indigenous peoples, improve food security, recognise a human right to water, and to protect forests, oceans and other ecosystems.

Osprey Orielle Lake, of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, and convener of the assembly, said: “Every day, we can see for ourselves forest fires burning, massive flooding, extreme droughts, people losing their livelihoods and lives– – we are in a global climate emergency.

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The Guardian, 25 Sep 2021: Cop26: Women must be heard on climate, say rights groups