Corona crisis shakes up shift to sustainable urban mobility

(29 May 2020) The corona pandemic has upended the transition to sustainable urban mobility around the world. While the fear of infection has put people off public transport and vehicle sharing schemes, it has boosted private cars, cycling and walking. What happens next hinges on the spread of the virus and how decision makers react.

Experts fear the crisis will continue to deter people from taking the metro, trams or buses, which they still consider the backbone of future transportation in our cities. But they see a silver lining for green urban mobility as the rise of the home office eases congestion, and new bikes lanes pop up that could become a firm fixture.    

Will the corona crisis slow the shift to low-emission urban transport systems? Or might it be an opportunity to speed up the transition?

Mobility experts offer arguments for both scenarios, but most fear that the pandemic will cause at least a temporary setback to cleaner mobility - unless authorities make a decisive push for green transport.

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, 29 May 2020: Corona crisis shakes up shift to sustainable urban mobility