Dire prospects await corporate climate-wreckers in 2030—study

(Eco Business, 25 Feb 2020) Reputational damage, financial vulnerability and a lack of access to capital are likely the impacts for firms that fail to respond to the climate crisis this decade, experts surveyed for a new study say.

As awareness of global heating rises, so does scrutiny of businesses’ climate footprint.

Public perception of a brands’ climate impacts has moved up companies’ agenda, and for a good reason: if firms continue to operate at the expense of planet and people, they risk going out of business, new public opinion research released last week shows.

Companies that fail to become carbon neutral within this decade will fall behind their competitors as soon as 2030 as governments adopt more stringent emissions regulations and consumer expectations grow, believes the majority of sustainability experts polled for the study titled The Climate Decade: Ten Years to Deliver the Paris Agreement.

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Eco Business, 25 Feb 2020: Dire prospects await corporate climate-wreckers in 2030—study