Disappointing U.N. climate talks leave 'huge task' for COP27 Egypt summit

(Reuters, 17 Jun 2022) Developing countries were especially upset by a lack of concrete progress on setting up a fund to help them deal with rising losses and damage driven by climate change.

A "disappointing" fortnight of U.N. talks in Bonn has left much work to be done just five months before a crucial climate summit, diplomats and analysts said, after negotiations failed to make concrete advances on efforts to tackle global warming.

At the closing session on Thursday, developing nations expressed disappointment over scant progress at the mid-year session on key issues, especially on setting up a finance facility to deal with rising losses from extreme weather and rising seas.

The lead negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) said the 39-member grouping had not received assurances that climate finance "will be delivered at scale or speed".

"The climate emergency is fast becoming a catastrophe. Yet within these walls, the process feels out of step with reality," said Conrod Hunte, U.N. ambassador for the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

The weak outcome from Bonn - which also saw no major steps forward on emissions cuts or toward a global goal to drive adaptation - leaves diplomats with a "huge task" before November's COP27 summit in Egypt, said Alex Scott of think-tank E3G.

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Reuters, 17 Jun 2022: Disappointing U.N. climate talks leave 'huge task' for COP27 Egypt summit