Drax begins capturing carbon in ‘world first’ pilot

(Climate Action, 11 Feb 2019) Drax has begun capturing carbon emissions from one of the four biomass units at its power station in Yorkshire.

The power station is using innovative technology, developed by the University of Leeds-based C-capture, to capture a tonne of CO2 a day, during the pilot.

It is the first time carbon has been captured from the combustion of a 100% biomass feedstock anywhere in the world.

Will Gardiner, Drax Group CEO, said: “Proving that this innovative carbon capture technology works is an exciting development and another important milestone in our BECCS project. Climate change affects us all so this is of real significance – not just for us at Drax, but also for the UK and the rest of the world.”

The £400,000 bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) pilot could be the first of many projects undertaken at the station to deliver negative emissions.

The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering have estimated that BECCS could enable Drax to capture 50 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2050 approximately half the nation’s emissions target.

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Climate Action, 11 Feb 2019: Drax begins capturing carbon in ‘world first’ pilot