Easyjet to stop offsetting CO2 emissions from December

(The Guardian, 26 Sep 2022) Airline unveils ‘roadmap to net zero’ strategy focusing on sustainable fuel and more efficient planes.

EasyJet is to stop offsetting carbon emissions by its planes as it unveiled a “roadmap to net zero” emissions by 2050 including introducing hydrogen-powered jet engines.

Other elements of easyJet’s new strategy include using sustainable aviation fuel, more fuel-efficient planes and carbon capture to reach the target.

EasyJet insisted it was the most ambitious plan yet from an airline to tackle emissions, while it continued to partner with firms on exploring new technologies.

The airline signed a three-year contract in late 2019 to offset all its CO2emissions – a world first, and a move that was then said to be costing the airline about £25m a year, but it was regarded by some as greenwashing the environmental damage caused by its passenger jets.

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The Guardian, 26 Sep 2022: Easyjet to stop offsetting CO2 emissions from December