Emerging economies slam Cop26 net zero push as ‘anti-equity’

(Climate Home News, 20 Oct 2021) A group of emerging economies has accused rich nations of unfairly imposing a universal 2050 net zero goal on the developing world.

In a ministerial statement ahead of the Cop26 climate talks, which start in Glasgow on 31 October, the group of “like-minded” developing countries issued a strong rebuke to the UK host for calling on all countries to cut their emissions to net zero by the middle of the century.

Ministers from the group of 24 nations, which includes China, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, accused rich nations of failing to address their historic responsibility for causing climate change and shifting the burden on developing economies.

“Major developed countries are now pushing to shift the goal posts of the Paris Agreement from what have already been agreed by calling for all countries to adopt net zero targets by 2050,” they wrote.

“This new ‘goal’ which is being advanced runs counter to the Paris Agreement and is anti-equity and against climate justice.”

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Climate Home News, 20 Oct 2021: Emerging economies slam Cop26 net zero push as ‘anti-equity’