Energy crisis sets Poland on rocky transition out of fossil fuels

(EurActiv, 24 Oct 2022) High coal prices, scarce fossil gas supplies and barriers to renewable energy projects are complicating Poland’s transition from fossil fuels amid the ongoing energy crisis.

Despite efforts to decarbonise, Poland is still heavily reliant on coal, a fossil fuel which represented 70.8% of the country’s electricity production in 2021.

This is a huge improvement on 2010 figures, when 86.6% of Polish electricity came from coal but still insufficient to meet EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goals and ensure affordable energy in the future.

And now, experts warn that the 2022 energy crisis could throw the country’s energy transition off course.

“In the conditions of economic recession and growing energy poverty, there is a risk that the energy transition may be slower or even stops altogether,” warns a report by Ernst & Young (EY) Poland.

According to the report, commissioned by the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE), Poland is “gradually and consistently” increasing its share of low-carbon and zero-emission energy.

In total, the transformation of the energy sector and measures to help the transition in the coal mining sector – the largest in Europe – could cost up to €135 billion by 2030.

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EurActiv, 24 Oct 2022: Energy crisis sets Poland on rocky transition out of fossil fuels