Environment of greater concern than housing or terrorism – UK poll

(The Guardian, 21 Jul 2019) Concerns over climate crisis growing among British public, poll findings reveal.

Protecting the environment has overtaken affordable housing and the threat of terrorism in the British public’s policy priorities over the last eight months, polling has revealed.

Polling by BritainThinks, commissioned by Engage Britain, found that concern about the climate crisis has risen at roughly the same rate for all age groups, and has emerged as the single most important issue for young people. It comes as the activist group Extinction Rebellion is due to stage another round of protests expected to bring parts of the country to a standstill.

The findings also cast at least partial doubt on the image of Britain as a hopelessly divided nation that Boris Johnson has pledged to “unite”.

Both leave and remain voters, across the demographic spectrum, consider “funding health and social care” and “providing opportunities for families living in poverty” to be among the top three issues facing the country.

The polling revealed there is little support anywhere on the political spectrum for people having to sell their homes to pay for care – a proposal in the 2017 Conservative election manifesto.

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The Guardian, 21 Jul 2019: Environment of greater concern than housing or terrorism – UK poll