EPBD – Not yet walking the talk, EuroACE claims

(eceee news, 28 Oct 2022) The European Council adopted its general approach on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) this week. Though essential elements of the proposal remain, it fails to match the ambition level needed to answer the current energy crisis, to reach EU:s energy and climate goals, according to EuroACE.

The current energy price crisis highlights the rising costs of Europe’s energy dependency and poor building energy performance. Buildings account for 40% of our energy consumption. Energy renovations are one of the best solutions to durably shelter citizens and businesses from price hikes, according to EuroACE.

There are already available energy efficiency solutions: insulation, windows, ventilation systems, decarbonised heating and cooling systems, technical building systems and building automation and control systems.

 “Higher energy efficiency and renewable energy targets alone are not enough – they must be supported by a strong EPBD revision to oblige action in the buildings sector. Ambitious structural measures must be in place when short term relief measures are phased out”, Adrian Joyce, secretarat general of EuroACE said.

EuroACE welcomes the Czech Presidency’s determination to move forward and efforts to maintain Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for all segments of the building stock.

The Council’s General Approach is however less ambitious than the original European Commission proposal,  claims EuroACE. Regarding MEPS, it fails to set clear benchmarks and introduces several exemptions reducing ambition. It also weakens provisions harmonising Energy Performance Certificates and improving indoor environmental quality in all building types.

EuroACE sees room to go back to the drawing board during the upcoming European Parliament discussions and trilogues and design a renovation path that answers today’s energy security and climate imperatives.

In addition, more could have also been done to create a real data-oriented approach to improve the energy performance of our building stock, EuroACE states. Digital technologies, whose potential remains stubbornly underestimated, improve efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

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