EU building ‘renovation wave’ set for launch in September

(EurActiv, 7 May 2020) The European Commission’s energy chief, Kadri Simson, has flagged the upcoming building renovation wave, rooftop solar, and offshore wind as key priorities for the energy sector in the recovery phase from the coronavirus crisis.

How Europe responds to the recession caused by the coronavirus “in the next few months will come to define the next few years, and even decades,” Simson told participants at an online debate on Wednesday (6 May).

The EU economy will shrink by 7.4% this year, according to the European Commission, which published its spring economic forecasts yesterday.

And the pace of the recovery will be uneven across the 27 EU countries, the EU executive warned, saying the return to growth will be conditioned by the speed at which lockdown measures can be safely lifted.

But Simson believes the need to rebuild the EU economy after the crisis also provides an opportunity for Europe to “fast-forward the conversation on climate neutrality in 2050”.

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EurActiv, 7 May 2020: EU building ‘renovation wave’ set for launch in September