EU eyes end of energy tax waivers for air and sea transport sectors

(EurActiv, 10 Sep 2019) The European Union is studying a reform of energy taxes to align them with climate targets, an EU document showed, listing as possible measures higher minimum tax rates, fossil fuel levies and the end of waivers for the air and sea transport sectors.

The document, seen by Reuters, was prepared by the Finnish presidency of the EU ahead of a meeting of the bloc’s finance ministers on Saturday (7 September)  in Helsinki, which will discuss the matter.

EU rules on energy taxation have not changed for more than 15 years and they appear “outdated and poorly adapted to climate change challenges and developments in energy policy at EU level,” the document says.

In the last decade, EU countries have led the global shift towards renewable energy and set up the world’s largest emissions trading system to price carbon and reduce reliance on more polluting fuels.

But their taxes have not reflected these changes, as existing taxation “does not differentiate between renewable and carbon-intensive sources of electricity,” the document says.

The confidential paper, which is not binding on EU authorities, urges a review of minimum tax rates for energy products, which currently differ among EU states and do not reward sources of energy for their efficiency.

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EurActiv, 10 Sep 2019: EU eyes end of energy tax waivers for air and sea transport sectors