EU lawmakers call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports

(EurActiv, 9 Mar 2022) Around 100 lawmakers from across the European Parliament have called for a ban on imports of Russian oil, gas and coal ahead of a meeting of EU leaders in Versailles, France, on Thursday and Friday (10-11 March).

The plea, which has signatories from every political group in the EU assembly, follows growing concerns that the EU’s continued use of Russian energy is indirectly helping the Kremlin finance its war in Ukraine.

“The longer Vladimir Putin will be able to fund his insane war against Ukraine from the revenues of gas and oil exports to Europe, the more damage Europe will bear on its shoulders for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” the lawmakers warned in their letter.

EU leaders will meet in France on Thursday and Friday (10-11 March) to discuss the war in Ukraine. Leaked draft conclusions suggest that they will agree to promote measures that would help reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian gas, like diversifying the bloc’s gas supply and increasing renewables and energy efficiency.

It is yet to be seen whether the meeting will lead to more sanctions.

But a ban on imports of Russian energy is needed immediately, the lawmakers argue, citing a resolution adopted by the European Parliament in April 2021 stating that, should Russia invade Ukraine, the EU should immediately cease imports of oil and gas from the country.

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EurActiv, 9 Mar 2022: EU lawmakers call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports