EU lawmakers stop controversial biofuels from fuelling planes

(Transport and Environment, 7 Jul 2022) In a narrow vote, the European Parliament paved the way for the uptake of green fuels in planes.

The European Parliament has barred the use of controversial biofuel feedstocks, including intermediate crops and palm oil by-products (PFADs), from Europe’s aviation green fuel mandate (ReFuelEU). 

Green group Transport & Environment (T&E) calls upon the three main European institutions – the Parliament, the Council and the Commission – to keep the momentum going by excluding the last remaining problematic feedstock – animal fats (of the third category) – in their upcoming negotiations in September.

Matteo Mirolo, aviation policy officer, says: “If we are serious about fighting climate change and decarbonising aviation, Europe needs to make more choices like the one we witnessed today. Sustainable aviation fuels should have no link whatsoever to deforestation, loss of biodiversity and increasing food prices. Today, EU lawmakers have gone a good way towards a definition of SAFs that is positive for our planet and the credibility of aviation’s green future.” 

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Transport and Environment, 7 Jul 2022: EU lawmakers stop controversial biofuels from fuelling planes