EU mettle to be tested as governments turn to energy efficiency

(EurActiv, 14 Jun 2022) Amidst an unprecedented energy crisis, governments worldwide are recognising the benefits of marginalised energy efficiency policies and endorsing joint action, while EU countries’ resolve will be tested end of June.

Energy efficiency has long been considered an optional policy field. The IEA’s director Fatih Birol recently judged governments’ failure to act “inexplicable” while hosting the 7th IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency in Sonderborg, Denmark. The conference brought about a joint statement that may result in some progress.

“The joint statement and Sønderborg Action Plan are international acknowledgements of the importance energy efficiency holds and a promise to work to implement and increase energy-efficient solutions and technologies globally,” said Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s energy minister and conference organiser, on 10 June.

The signatories emphasise “the central importance of energy efficiency for relieving pressure on consumers, supporting energy security and decreased reliance on energy imports,” as per a joint statement from the event.

Perhaps underlining the urgency of the current energy crisis is that no such joint statement was initially envisioned, informed sources said.

“The joint declaration highlights the critical importance of energy efficiency for reducing energy demand at a time of a global energy crisis,” explained Jan Rosenow, EU director at the think-tank Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP).

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EurActiv, 14 Jun 2022: EU mettle to be tested as governments turn to energy efficiency