EU ministers consider speeding up connection of Ukraine electricity grid to EU’s

(EurActiv, 28 Feb 2022) EU energy ministers met in Brussels on Monday (28 February) to discuss energy security in Ukraine and the impact of the war on Europe’s energy market and energy prices, as Ukrainian activists called for the country’s quick connection to the EU electricity grid.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, there is growing pressure to link Ukraine’s electricity grid with the EU’s to ensure the country’s electricity grid remains stable and to prevent blackouts.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian energy company DTEK said Russia was not specifically targeting critical energy infrastructure. The country’s electricity is still stable, despite continued Russian aggression.

However, representatives from DTEK warned there was a risk a stray rocket could take out a key piece of energy infrastructure, leading to a blackout, and warned that Russian tanks were 25 km away from Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant.

There were rumours on Monday that Russia had seized control of that power plant. However, EURACTIV was told by an NGO worker on the ground that this was disinformation spread by Russia to cause panic.

Linking Ukraine to the EU’s electricity grid would boost the country’s defence, Oleg Savitsky from the Ukrainian NGO Ecoaction told EURACTIV.

“If we can rely also on emergency assistance from the European grid, that would strengthen our defence capacities and also protect us from blackouts and negative impacts on the population,” he said.

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EurActiv, 28 Feb 2022: EU ministers consider speeding up connection of Ukraine electricity grid to EU’s