Europe must become the leader in carbon-free shipping

(EurActiv, 13 Oct 2022) The European Union can become a global leader in decarbonising the shipping sector thanks to a combination of clean solutions such as shore-side electrification, wind-powered transport and synthetic fuels, according to five French MEPs.

Maritime transport is responsible for more than 13.5% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport in Europe. If we want to collectively reach our climate objectives, massive investments in innovative zero-emission technologies are necessary.

Today’s decisions and investments determine the sector’s emissions for the next 30 years. The “Fit for 55” climate package must be ambitious for the environment, the economy and employment in the maritime transport sector.

The inclusion of this sector in the Emissions Trading System is good news. Emitting greenhouse gases will now have a cost for shipping companies.

The creation of an Ocean Fund will make it possible to support companies in moving towards alternative solutions, but this is not enough.

In order to succeed both in modernising the fleet and changing ship propulsion technologies, it is high time to set an ambitious course for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to invest massively in technological innovations to decarbonise maritime transport.

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EurActiv, 13 Oct 2022: Europe must become the leader in carbon-free shipping