Europe plans to harness ‘power of data’ in support of Green Deal

(EurActiv, 6 Feb 2020) The EU Green Deal needs “digitalisation as an enabler for decarbonisation” in all sectors of the economy, including transport and energy, the European Commission says in a draft policy document seen by EURACTIV.

The digital decarbonisation plan is part of wider policy proposals aimed at making “Europe fit for the digital age”. And while the plan is still subject to change, it does give a clear indication of the Commission’s intentions.

“Digital solutions will help us to become climate-neutral by 2050,” says the policy document, obtained by EURACTIV.

Digital technologies can support environmental policies such as waste and recycling. They could even help Europe reduce more CO2 emissions than it emits, the document says.

One of the ways technology can contribute most to decarbonisation “is through the power of data,” the Commission says in a section dedicated to sustainability. Potential areas of application are multiple and include digital transport solutions, decentralised energy systems, and smart climate-neutral communities.

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EurActiv, : Europe plans to harness ‘power of data’ in support of Green Deal