European business travellers say set to fly less after COVID-19

(Reuters, 12 Apr 2021) Restrictions on air travel had no effect on job productivity for 55% of respondents in a survey by YouGov for the European Climate Foundation.

Four in 10 European business travellers plan to fly less after COVID-19 travel restrictions are fully lifted, a survey showed on Monday, with many intending to stick to video conferences.

Changing habits during the pandemic and worries over climate change are likely to reduce business flights in the long term, suggested the YouGov poll for the philanthropic group European Climate Foundation, which supports a goal of zero emissions.

"Flying for business meetings burns up time and money, as well as our climate," said Alethea Warrington, campaigner at climate action charity Possible, which was not involved in the poll.

"This polling shows that after a year of quick and easy virtual meetings, travellers aren't planning to go back to business as usual."

Looking ahead, 40% of some 1,400 poll respondents said they would take fewer business flights when restrictions were lifted entirely, 38% would return to the same frequency, 13% would take more flights and 5% said they would stop flying for business.

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Reuters, 12 Apr 2021: European business travellers say set to fly less after COVID-19