European left eyes transatlantic Green New Deal

(Climate Change News, 10 May 2019) Proponents said their plan to commit 5% of EU GDP to climate action and ending austerity was the first step towards radical global cooperation.

Socialists hoping to win power in Europe and the US are exploring cooperation on a transatlantic Green New Deal.

While launching a new campaign for a pan-European commitment to tackle the climate and ecological crisis while addressing the continent’s social problems, proponents said it was the first step towards international cooperation.

Launched on Friday ahead of elections for the European parliament, the new campaign proposes a framework to “end austerity, avert climate catastrophe and secure prosperity for future generations” without increasing taxes on workers but through financing from Europe’s public investment banks.

The pledge has so far been endorsed by the UK Labour MP Clive Lewis and MEP candidate Laura Parker as well as the 18 candidates of the transnational list European Spring, which includes former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Supported by Varoufakis’ Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25), it asks politicians commit to invest 5% of Europe’s GDP in green infrastructure, industry and agriculture and redressing the resource extraction inequality between Europe and the global south.

If successful at the European level, campaign coordinator Pawel Wargan said the plan could inspire the formulation of a global Green New Deal manifesto.

“The EU is the best model in history for transnational cooperation. If we can show that we can harness this potential for cooperation that transcends the national level in Europe, we can show how we can implement it in the rest of the world,” he said.

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Climate Change News, 10 May 2019: European left eyes transatlantic Green New Deal