EU’s building renovation ‘one-stop-shops’ taking shape

(EurActiv, 1 Sep 2022) The push for all-in-one intermediaries that help homeowners plan building renovation works is taking shape as policymakers progress on the revision of two related EU directives.

With energy prices reaching new highs, speeding up renovation is becoming vital to address the cost-of-living crisis while reaching climate targets.

And so-called ‘one-stop-shops’ are seen as a key way of switching up gear.

“Given the ambitious renovation objectives over the next decade”, it is “necessary to increase the role of independent market intermediaries including one-stop-shops,” reads the European Parliament’s position on the revised energy efficiency directive (EED), adopted on 13 July

One-stop-shops are essentially designed to offer a smooth customer journey to ensure they get a better outcome in the end. It’s like “handholding through the renovation process”, says Louise Sunderland from the Regulatory Assistance Project, an energy and climate think-tank.

When it comes to renovations, the reality is lagging behind targets. In its 2020 Renovation Wave strategy, the EU set a target of renovating 2% of buildings per year. But the rate of deep renovation “stands at only 0.2% on average in the EU,” according to the Buildings Performance Institute Europe.

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EurActiv, 1 Sep 2022: EU’s building renovation ‘one-stop-shops’ taking shape