Extinction Rebellion aims to turn up political heat with hunger strikes

(Reuters News, 21 Nov 2019) Young strikers aim to put pressure on politicians for faster action on climate change.

Extinction Rebellion activists pressing for more rapid action on climate change threats on Wednesday entered a third day of a week-long hunger strikes in 27 countries.

The strikes, which began Monday, have been in part spearheaded by 20-year-old Giovanni Tamacas, a University of San Diego student, who carried out a solo hunger strike last month in front of the White House.

"We are hunger striking because we have no choice," he said in a statement, arguing governments and corporations "have criminally and catastrophically failed to tackle the climate and ecological emergency".

In the United States, activists started their strike by occupying the office of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who protesters said has refused to participate in a filmed interview with movement members.

Pelosi did issue a statement saying she was "inspired" by young climate activists and that U.S. Democrats were "working relentlessly to safeguard our environment and ensure a healthy, sustainable world for our children".

In Britain, a handful of activists protested at headquarters of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, similarly demanding that candidates in upcoming British elections submit to filmed interviews with Extinction Rebellion members.

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Reuters News, 21 Nov 2019: Extinction Rebellion aims to turn up political heat with hunger strikes