Fight over funding threatens EU deal on new climate laws

(EurActiv, 28 Jun 2022) A dispute over how to shield low-income citizens from European Union policies to put a price on pollution is threatening to prevent the bloc’s countries from agreeing a raft of new green measures.

Environment ministers from the EU’s 27 member countries meet on Tuesday (28 June) to attempt to agree joint positions on more ambitious laws to reduce planet-warming emissions, including reforms to the EU carbon market and a 2035 phase-out of new fossil fuel-powered cars.

Taken together, the laws are designed to deliver the EU’s 2030 target of reducing net emissions by 55% from 1990 levels. What ministers agree will set their position for negotiations with the EU Parliament on the final laws.

But ahead of the meeting, countries are at odds over Brussels’ plan to launch a new EU carbon market in 2026, imposing CO2 costs on polluting fuels used in buildings and transport.

The proposal, which the European Commission says is needed to tackle rising transport emissions, has split countries, with some worried it could raise citizens’ energy bills – which have soared in recent months and are fuelling inflation.

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EurActiv, 28 Jun 2022: Fight over funding threatens EU deal on new climate laws