Four more EU nations back a green post-coronavirus recovery

(Climate Change News, 20 Apr 2020) Most climate and environment ministers in the 27-nation EU now back a call to put the European Green Deal at the heart of a post-coronavirus recovery after Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta joined an appeal by 13 of their EU colleagues.

Climate Home News published the original letter on 9 April, when it was signed by representatives of 10 governments. France, Germany and Greece joined in the next two days and the latest round raises the total to 17.

The ministers urge Europe to remember the challenges of climate change when designing long-term strategies for a resilient recovery from the “unprecedented crisis” of the pandemic, which has killed more than 165,000 people worldwide.

On Monday, Irish minister for communications, climate action and environment Richard Bruton, Slovak minister of environment Ján Budaj, Slovenia’s minister of the environment and spatial planning Andrej Vizjak, and Malta’s minister for the environment, climate change and planning Aaron Farrugia joined the list of signatories.

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Climate Change News, 20 Apr 2020: Four more EU nations back a green post-coronavirus recovery