Freedom to roam – first your phone, now your car?

(EurActiv, 4 Sep 2020) The European Commission has reiterated its ambition to roll out at least one million public electric vehicle charging stations over the next 5 years. But how can the EU ensure that consumers really benefit wherever they are in Europe? One of the keys to success lies in e-roaming, argues Kristof Vereenooghe.

Kristof Vereenooghe, is the CEO of EVBox Group and co-chair of the ChargeUp Europe Alliance. 

Most electric vehicle drivers do not follow a traditional ‘fill up at the gas station’ type of behaviour when they want to charge their car. In fact, 80% of the time they simply do it at home or at work.

However, easy access to publicly available stations is of crucial importance for drivers who either cannot charge at home or are making a long journey. They need to be confident that charging at the grocery store or next to the highway is as convenient to filling a liquid fuel tank today.

Roaming in the electric age

While the early headaches related to standardisation of connectors or plug types have now been resolved, new challenges have emerged that reflect of a more mature electric vehicle sector. These include access to charging stations, ease of payments, vehicle to charger communication and, last but not least, network-to-network communication – or e-roaming.

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EurActiv, 4 Sep 2020: Freedom to roam – first your phone, now your car?