Germans urged to cut energy use to lessen dependence on Russia

(Clean Energy Wire, 10 Jun 2022) The German government and a broad alliance of business and civil society groups are calling on citizens to save energy with an advertising campaign aimed at reducing dependence on Russian imports while also accelerating the country’s landmark energy transition.

Increasing efficiency is key to becoming more independent and reaching climate targets, economy and climate minister Robert Habeck said at the launch of the campaign. Many environmentalists welcomed the initiative, but some criticised the government for subsidising petrol use and shifting responsibility to citizens. 

Germany’s government has launched a campaign urging citizens to save energy in order to make the country more independent from Russian energy imports and accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels in its drive to become climate-neutral. “The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine makes it painfully clear to us every day: we need to move away from fossil fuels and end our dependency on Russian imports,” climate and economy minister Robert Habeck said. “Only with more renewable energies and more energy efficiency will we strengthen our independence.” He said his ministry’s campaign, which is called ‘80 million together for energy change', will invite people to join in the effort to cut consumption. 

A broad alliance of social, industry, environmental and consumer associations have joined the government’s efficiency drive and vowed to promote energy savings with their own initiatives.

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Clean Energy Wire, 10 Jun 2022: Germans urged to cut energy use to lessen dependence on Russia