Germany missed EU deadline to submit national climate plan

(EurActiv, 8 Jan 2020) All EU member states should have submitted their climate protection plans for the coming decade to the European Commission by 31 December. But many missed the deadline, including Germany. reports.

This was confirmed on Tuesday (7 January) A “good number” of national plans have been received, a Commission spokesman said in response to a question from EURACTIV at the Commission’s regular daily briefing.

“We expect more documents in the coming days and weeks,” he added, refusing to comment on exactly which member states were still missing.

The German energy ministry confirmed earlier on Monday that it had not yet submitted its plan to Brussels, citing a recent change of course on climate policy.

Germany adopted a climate protection law late last year, on 18 December, committing itself to achieve EU-level climate targets, which are legally-binding. However, the law was stopped by a Green veto in the Bundesrat, the upper house of Parliament, before a compromise was finally reached at the very end of the year.

Still, Chancellor Angela Merkel struck an urgent tone in her New Year’s speech, saying the German government would “do everything humanly possible” to stop climate change.

The fact that Berlin is now late in submitting its national climate plan to Brussels, even though the deadline had long been known, is “problematic” says Pieter de Pous from climate think-tank E3G.

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EurActiv, 8 Jan 2020: Germany missed EU deadline to submit national climate plan