Germany tightens gas-savings plan, increases storage targets

(EurActiv, 22 Jul 2022) To reduce gas consumption, the German government announced on Thursday (21 July) an energy security package including mandatory gas saving measures for companies and stricter regulations for the level of gas storage tanks.

Until now, gas consumption has only declined by around 5% to 7% compared to last year, far off the envisioned 15% reduction that the European Commission aims for. As a consequence, the German government is putting a new plan forward.

“We need staying power. Winter is yet to come,” explained Robert Habeck, Germany’s vice-chancellor. The coming is considered most fraught.

“Even the second winter will still pose challenges for this country and Europe, according to all the scenarios we are calculating,” he added.

According to Network Agency President Klaus Müller, the savings target should even be higher.

“A target to avoid a gas shortage is an overall saving of 20% across Germany,” he said on Thursday.

To achieve the necessary consumption cuts, Germany is set to introduce several measures, ranging from increasing gas storage targets by 5% across the board, the reopening of lignite-fuelled power plants (1.9 Gigawatts of capacity) and gas-cutting measures in public buildings and mandatory gas saving rules for companies.

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EurActiv, 22 Jul 2022: Germany tightens gas-savings plan, increases storage targets