Green New Deal aims for triple payback

(Eco Business, 19 Mar 2019) Support is growing for a plan to tackle climate change, an economic crisis and to deepen social divisions together—the Green New Deal.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Green New Deal, chances are that you soon will. To its growing band of supporters, it looks like an idea whose time has come.

Just suppose we could see a  way to transform the global economy, society and even the environment so that they met real needs, and promised to go on doing so far into the future. Well, we can. And it’s growing simpler all the time, futurologists say.

The bad news? Inertia and resistance. Too few of us think we really need a transformation. Too many are actively trying to prevent one. No change there then—except that the balance may be starting to shift, thanks largely to science and money—and ordinary people who are refusing to go on as we are.

Supporters of the Green New Deal say we don’t have to look very far ahead for results—no further than about mid-century.

By then, some of them told The New Yorker magazine, much of the world should be able to achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions, a goal for which they say the world already has about 90-95 per cent of the technology it needs.

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Eco Business, 19 Mar 2019: Green New Deal aims for triple payback