Half of year will be ‘dangerously hot’ in tropics by 2100, research shows

(The Guardian, 25 Aug 2022) Extreme heatwaves will be more common by end of decade unless more is done to cut emissions, say experts.

The record-breaking heatwaves seen across much of the world in recent months will become increasingly common by the end of the decade, according to research.

Experts say how hot they will be is “hugely” dependent on our ability to curb carbon emissions in the next few years.

“The difference between being very proactive and limiting carbon emissions to keep within those parameters set forward by the Paris agreement, and not doing that, is just hugely consequential for billions of people, primarily throughout the global south,” said Lucas Vargas Zeppetello, a climate researcher at Harvard University and one of the lead authors of the study published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment.

“The difference between the two case scenarios is sort of night and day.”

Zeppetello’s team at Harvard and the University of Washington used historical climate data and combined it with future projections of population growth, economic growth and carbon emissions to develop a probability-based formula estimating what global temperatures could look like in the future.

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The Guardian, 25 Aug 2022: Half of year will be ‘dangerously hot’ in tropics by 2100, research shows