How can China contribute to climate ‘loss and damage’?

(China Dialogue, 20 Dec 2022) With China facing pressure to pay countries for climate-related damage, non-financial contributions could help demonstrate leadership, experts say.

China can do many things to help climate-vulnerable countries deal with the loss and damage caused by climate change, various experts have told China Dialogue.

Humanitarian aid, debt relief, technology transfer and knowledge sharing are some of the contributions that could be made or increased, they say.

Experts also expect China to face “increasing pressure” to join developed countries and pay into a new loss and damage fund established at the recent UN climate conference, COP27.

It will be interesting to see how China intends to contribute to the agenda, even if its assistance takes non-financial forms, they add.

One says if China could make “substantial” non-financial contributions, it would help demonstrate its leadership in international climate diplomacy and put pressure on developed countries to deliver funds.

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China Dialogue, 20 Dec 2022: How can China contribute to climate ‘loss and damage’?