How carbon pricing is driving the renovation of Czech homes

(EurActiv, 17 Mar 2021) Like other European countries, the Czech Republic’s buildings are in need of renovation. Unlike others, it partly funds renovation programmes with revenues generated from the emission trading scheme (ETS), an experiment that could be replicated across the EU.

For a decade, the Czech Republic has been recycling carbon trading revenues to fund its flagship “New Green Savings” support programme to renovate apartment buildings and single family houses.

The government sees renovation and energy efficiency as essential to meet the EU’s climate and energy goals. Czech Trade and Industry Minister, Karel Havlíček, has repeatedly emphasised that energy savings are priorities of Czech energy policy.

According to calculations made by Chance for Buildings, an industry alliance, proper building renovations could reduce the Czech Republic’s emissions by 13% by 2030.

“The Czech approach is effective mainly because it is comprehensive, consistent and set in law. This creates predictability and a better environment for long-term planning – both for businesses and for households,” said Julian Popov, former environment minister of Bulgaria.

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EurActiv, 17 Mar 2021: How carbon pricing is driving the renovation of Czech homes