How to cut climate-changing emissions? Recycle buildings

(Context, 20 Jan 2023) Prioritising sustainable construction materials could help the European Union meet its climate change goals.

While Europe avoided energy collapse this winter due to warm weather, the Russian war in Ukraine rages on, resulting in raw material shortages and logistics breakdowns. One area hurting most: buildings.

Buildings are responsible for about 40% of the European Union’s total energy consumption, and account for 36% of its greenhouse gas emissions. As Europe lags behind on climate goals, pressure is mounting for urgent action in the construction sector.

With over 35 million EU dwellings needing upgrades in the next decade, we have an opportunity to transform the sector. Buildings are a tool to deliver emission cuts, create local jobs, provide healthier and warmer homes, and lower energy bills.

That’s why the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), currently under revision, is so important.

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Context, 20 Jan 2023: How to cut climate-changing emissions? Recycle buildings