How UK government plans to advise households to reduce energy bills

(The Guardian, 24 Nov 2022) Here are some of the measures ministers believe will save people money and ease the energy crisis.

Ministers are finally going to issue advice to households on the best methods to cut their energy usage, and bills, this winter. The public information campaign, expected before Christmas, has been at the centre of a debate that has spanned three prime ministers and divided the Conservative party.

The government had been ready to push the button on a £15m campaign signed off by the then business secretary, Jacob Rees-Mogg, but that was blocked by Liz Truss for fear it would be perceived as “nannying”.

Meanwhile, European governments have launched a series campaigns ranging from urging the public to lower thermostats at home to turning off lights on public buildings. John Musk, an analyst at the investment bank RBC, said: “It is very late in the day for the UK government to finally realise that the cheapest way to deal with the energy crisis is to save energy usage.”

The housing secretary, Michael Gove, said on Thursday that the campaign would not be “nannying or patronising”, and would point people towards “authoritative sources of advice” on managing energy usage. Those sources could include the energy regulator, Ofgem, bodies such as the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and retail suppliers.

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The Guardian, 24 Nov 2022: How UK government plans to advise households to reduce energy bills