Hungry for efficiency news? Here’s a baker’s dozen of 2018 posts to prepare you for 2019

(ACEEE blog, 17 Dec 2018) Before the new year arrives, we want to share 2018 highlights for ACEEE and energy efficiency. We celebrated the third annual Energy Efficiency Day and released our highly anticipated state and international scorecards.

We also analyzed potential federal freezes of fuel economy and light bulb standards, as well as advances – and setbacks – at the state and local levels.

In addition, we connected energy professionals at conferences across the nation, including our four inaugural events: the International Symposium, Rural Energy Conference, National Convening on Utilities and Electric Vehicles, and Conference on Health, Environment, and Energy.

The 2018 International Energy Agency’s Energy Efficiency 2018 market report called for accelerated energy savings to meet climate goals, making energy efficiency more important than ever. With that in mind, here are our top 13 blog posts and press releases of 2018 to prepare you for next year’s initiatives.

1) Blockchain series:
By Ethan Rogers, Industry Program Director
This emerging technology holds potential to save energy, but many questions remain.

2) Lights out for residential lighting programs? Not just yet (April)
By Jennifer Amann, Buildings Program Director
Does the rise of LED lights mean that residential lighting programs will no longer be cost effective?

3) The High Cost of Energy in Rural America: Household Energy Burdens and Opportunities for Energy Efficiency (July)
Our report reveals that rural households spend 40% more of their income on their energy bills than their metropolitan counterparts. 

4) Electric heat series:
By Steven Nadel, Executive Director
Switching to electric heat pumps can save homeowners energy and money.

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ACEEE blog, 17 Dec 2018: Hungry for efficiency news? Here’s a baker’s dozen of 2018 posts to prepare you for 2019