Hydrogen taxis could be the next big thing

(EurActiv, 25 Apr 2022) Europe’s market for hydrogen-powered taxis is becoming increasingly competitive, with French company Hype, which has developed them in Paris since 2015, being among the frontrunners. EURACTIV France reports.

About one-third (31%) of greenhouse gas emissions in France emanated from the transport sector in 2019. The government has already announced that it aims to reduce this figure, in particular, by promoting low-carbon hydrogen in the transport sector.

Apart from heavy-duty transport, one of the most promising avenues is that of vehicle fleets, starting with taxis.

“Hydrogen provides real operational efficiency for random intensive uses like taxis,” Hype CEO Mathieu Gardies told EURACTIV in an interview.

In 2015, Gardies launched his business in Paris, developing a fleet of taxis powered by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. Performance-wise, these taxis can compete with combustion engines as they can go 500-700 kilometres before needing a refill, which takes only five minutes.

The CEO also installed a refill station in Paris that offers so-called “blue hydrogen”, meaning its manufacture emits CO2, which is captured, stored and reused.

Today, “all production capacities in which we invest are green hydrogen production” generated by electrolysis of water from renewable energy, Gardies added.

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EurActiv, 25 Apr 2022: Hydrogen taxis could be the next big thing