Hydrogen will be ‘central’ to energy system integration, EU says

(EurActiv, 8 May 2020) Hydrogen will be a “central element” in the Energy System Integration Strategy that the European Commission will present in June, the EU’s energy chief kadri Simson has said.

During an online debate on Tuesday (5 May), Simson flagged the upcoming building renovation wave and offshore wind as “the first two areas of work” for the energy sector in the recovery phase from the coronavirus crisis.

“But the third area amplifies the impact of both, bringing them together into one connected system. This is Energy System Integration,” she said.

By linking traditionally separated sectors of the energy system – like electricity and gas – the European Commission hopes to create synergies that will allow integrating more renewables and decarbonise industrial sectors that are currently lagging behind.

It also enables a more efficient energy system overall, for example when using excess renewable electricity that would otherwise be curtailed to produce hydrogen that can be stored for later use.

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EurActiv, 8 May 2020: Hydrogen will be ‘central’ to energy system integration, EU says