Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan

(Climate Home News, 23 Jul 2021) The Indonesian government has released an updated 2030 climate plan and long term strategy that indicate the country’s reliance on coal will continue well into the 2050’s.

In a 156-page long term strategy document submitted to the UN, it outlines three pathways including a “low carbon scenario compatible with the Paris Agreement”.

Even under this pathway, the most ambitious of the three, the amount of coal used for primary energy will continue to grow until at least 2050.

While renewables share of electricity generation will grow under this pathway to 43% by 2050, coal will still provide 38% of the country’s growing electricity needs. Methane gas (10%) and biofuels (8%) make up the rest.

Under this scenario, the government claims that 76% of coal-fired power plants will be equipped with carbon capture technology, making them “zero-emissions”.

Experts question whether this technology will be able to capture all a coal power plant’s emissions in a cost-effective way.