Industry calls for 10% ‘renewable gas’ target in Europe

(EurActiv, 22 Apr 2020) The Gas for Climate industry consortium has called on the European Commission to introduce a legally-binding target for the production of gas from renewable sources, saying incentives are necessary to grow Europe’s fledgling market.

Production of low-carbon gases such as biomethane and hydrogen needs to be scaled up quickly if Europe is serious about cutting emissions to net-zero by 2050, according to a new study published Wednesday (22 April).

The study, by consulting firm Guidehouse, describes potential gas decarbonisation pathways until 2050.

The centrepiece is a call to stimulate the production of biomethane and hydrogen by introducing a binding mandate for 10% of all gas in Europe to come from renewable sources by 2030.

“Large scale production of biomethane and green and blue hydrogen – transported, stored and distributed through existing gas infrastructure” can play an important role in reducing emissions by 2030, the consortium said in a statement.

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EurActiv, 22 Apr 2020: Industry calls for 10% ‘renewable gas’ target in Europe