Intelligent electricity through EU structural funds

(EurActiv, 23 Sep 2020) A major challenge in the spread of renewable energies is their unpredictability: supply and demand do not always match in time. To compensate for this, researchers in Bielefeld are working on artificial intelligence that distributes electricity differently, depending on the weather. EURACTIV Germany reports.

To achieve environmental targets and stop climate breakdown, fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energy. There are not only political and economic challenges but also technical ones.

One of them is the right timing of supply and demand: when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, turbines and photovoltaic systems supply a lot of electricity for high demand. But what if the need arises at a different time?

A group of researchers in Bielefeld is currently working on an answer. They want to create artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict fluctuations in energy supply and adjust  power to meet demand. This should prevent local overloads before they occur.

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EurActiv, 23 Sep 2020: Intelligent electricity through EU structural funds