Internal combustion engine ‘not going away’, automakers say

(EurActiv, 29 Sep 2020) While automakers are busy making plans to roll out electric vehicles, the existing car fleet will continue relying on traditional fuels for many years to come, the industry says, arguing in favour of biofuels to achieve CO2 cuts in the short term.

With its Green Deal unveiled in December 2019, the European Union has set out the most ambitious climate goals of any major economic power – a complete decarbonisation down to net-zero emissions by 2050.

As transport makes up a quarter of EU carbon emissions, the European Commission estimates that a 90% decrease in that sector will be necessary to meet the 2050 target.

For road transport, this will require a massive shift to electric mobility, with European automakers finally rolling out EV models in large numbers over the past year.

But automakers say they haven’t forgotten about biofuels entirely.

“We’re highly interested in that, because the internal combustion engine is not going to go away,” said Paul Greening, from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

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EurActiv, 29 Sep 2020: Internal combustion engine ‘not going away’, automakers say