Japan set to raise ambition of 2030 climate goal

(Climate Change News, 8 Apr 2021) Japan is preparing to increase its 2030 emissions reduction goal from 26% to 40% on 2013 levels, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo.

New Climate Institute analyst Takeshi Kuramochi told Climate Home the 40% figure had been agreed between the environment ministry and the economy ministry (METI), and prime minister Yoshihide Suga would have the final say.

Environmental campaigners and the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership, a business association, are lobbying for more ambitious targets of between 45-60%. Kuramochi said he expects METI and the Japan Business Federation to lobby for a weaker target.

Climate Action Tracker says a 60% cut would be “challenging” but necessary to comply with 1.5C of global warming.

Under previous prime minister Shinzo Abe, the Japanese government resisted international pressure to increase its 2030 target.

Since taking over from Abe, Suga has placed a greater emphasis on the need for climate action, pledging to reach net zero by 2050.

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Climate Change News, 8 Apr 2021: Japan set to raise ambition of 2030 climate goal