Lawmakers agree to restrict EU carbon tax to flights within Europe

(EurActiv, 7 Dec 2022) A deal struck by EU legislators early Wednesday morning (7 December) affirms that the price on aviation carbon emissions will continue to apply only to flights within Europe, in a blow to environmental campaigners who had lobbied for complete coverage.

Flights travelling to or from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) will be covered by the United Nation’s CORSIA, an offsetting scheme that places a substantially lower price on emissions than the EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS).

However, under the agreement, the European Commission must assess by 1 July 2026 whether the CORSIA system is an effective tool to cut global flight emissions.

If the EU executive finds this is not the case, the ETS will apply to all flights departing from an airport located in the EEA. Flights to countries not applying CORSIA will also fall under the scope of the ETS from 2027.

A derogation from ETS charges was additionally added for flights to outermost regions provided they are within the same country, for example, flights from Madrid to Tenerife.

Long-haul flights make up some 6% of flights departing from the EEA but are responsible for around half of all CO2 and NOx emissions.

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EurActiv, 7 Dec 2022: Lawmakers agree to restrict EU carbon tax to flights within Europe