Long-awaited EU rules on renewable hydrogen expected next week

(5 Dec 2022) The rules that will govern the requirements for hydrogen to be certified as renewable, so-called additionality rules, are expected to be unveiled on 15 December by the Commission, which may leave little time for consultation.

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role in Europe’s decarbonisation efforts. However, its market ramp-up has been slow due to regulatory uncertainty, with rules to govern whether hydrogen is “green” delayed for years.

A draft of the new rules seen by EURACTIV is set to be released on Thursday 15 December, according to Jens Geier, a social democrat from Germany and the EU parliament’s lead negotiator on parts of the 2021 gas and hydrogen package.

The new draft of the rules is “the best I have seen so far in terms of content”, he told reporters in Berlin. The entire draft can be found below.

Green, or renewable, hydrogen is produced by electrolysing water using renewable electricity. In order to ensure that electrolyser build-out results in extra renewables instead of cannibalisation of existing wind turbines and solar PV, “additionality” rules come into play.

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, 5 Dec 2022: Long-awaited EU rules on renewable hydrogen expected next week