Mind the gap: Frustration grows over lapsed EU computer energy efficiency label scheme

(Business Green, 14 Mar 2019) Experts fear withdrawal of Energy Star label scheme from the EU market will make it trickier for businesses to source energy efficient office equipment.

Industry groups are growing increasingly frustrated over the EU's failure to plug gaps in energy performance labelling for computer equipment, despite the European Commission this week moving to strengthen separate efficiency rules governing a raft of other electrical appliances.

Plans for simplified EU energy efficiency product labels were adopted on Monday by the Commission, covering household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, lamps, and TV monitors.

The new labels, which are expected to appear in shops from March 2021, will remove "confusing" A++ labels by reintroducing the original A-G scale, and also require the energy efficiency performance of a product to be displayed in TV commercials and online adverts, the Commission said.

The Commission also plans to adopt a set of 11 ecodesign label regulations in the summer focused on durability and reparability. These will cover the above home appliances, as well as other items such as electric motors, external power supplies, welding equipment, and data storage products.

Coolproducts, a coalition of green NGOs led by the European Environment Bureau (EEB), welcomed the plans for new energy efficiency labels, which it said would cut bills for consumers as well as benefitting the environment.

"The new rules will empower consumers and reward innovation, ensuring the market evolves in line with Europe's sustainability goals," said Stephane Arditi, policy manager at the EEB.

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Business Green, 14 Mar 2019: Mind the gap: Frustration grows over lapsed EU computer energy efficiency label scheme