Net Zero: EU businesses, investors, and unions back School Strike calls for bolder climate action

(Business Green, 18 Mar 2019) Open letter from leading business groups, investors, and trade unions signals support for wave of 'citizen mobilisations' and urges EU to formalise net zero emission strategy.

The school stikers have found some powerful new allies. A group of business bodies, investor alliances, trade unions, regional authorities, and civil society groups have today written to EU leaders urging them to respond to the growing wave of public climate protests by formally endorsing a target to build a net zero emission economy by 2050 at the latest.

The open letter is backed by a raft of green economy groups, which together represent a host of Blue Chip firms and multibillion Euro investors.

Signatories include the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, the Aldersgate Group, CDP, the B Team, We Mean Business, IIGCC, C40 Cities, WBCSD, Ceres, The Climate Group, and the European Trade Union Confederation.

"Unprecedented citizen mobilisations are taking place across EU member states calling for increased action against climate change, showing that climate action is an integral element of the future of Europe and that increasing the EU's commitments under the Paris Agreement is an urgent necessity," the letter states, in reference to Friday's latest wave of School Strikes which are estimated to have seen over a million children worldwide miss lessons to protests against the global failure to accelerate decarbonisation efforts.

Addressed to all heads of EU member states, Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, and Energy and Climate Change Commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete, the letter calls for European leaders to take immediate steps to formalise their support for a net zero emission target for the bloc that would be reached by 2050 at the latest.

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Business Green, 18 Mar 2019: Net Zero: EU businesses, investors, and unions back School Strike calls for bolder climate action